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The order will be processed within 24-48h. Once the order is processed it is send from our USA warehouse via United Postal Services. Depending of your states/Country this will take from 3-10 days. If you require the tracking number please feel free to contact us.

Personal vibrators are non returnable/refundable for hygiene reasons. If you feel that the object is defective or you are not satisfied with you order please email us to find a solution.

You can change your order address in your personal profile.

Send us an email at and we will provide you a tracking number.

You can chat directly to one of our agent. All our agent are trained and can help you select the best vibrator around.

Email us and we will correct your address if possible.

Yes we ship to the USA and Canada. We do not garanty shipping outside these countries as shipping delay and cost might be longer.

Yes your item will be in one package.

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30 days money back guarantee if our vibrators are damaged.

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