The Keto Diet and its Effects on Sex

keto diet effects sex

There are so many things that can affect your sex drive and libido. From the way you’re feeling, the things you eat, to your hormones, the list is seemingly endless. Which is why there’s no reason to feel somewhat strange or even ashamed about your sex drive, whether you consider it to be high, low, or average.  Today though, we’ll be talking about a very specific aspect that may be having an effect on your libido. That is, the keto […]

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Yoga On the Roof – An Erotic Story

transform your sex life through yoga

Shelly decided she had to escape.  Days in her small apartment had cramped her body and mind.  She shed her oversized Mickey Mouse T-shirt, shoved her heavy breasts into a sports bra, and pulled stretchy workout pants up her thighs. Grabbing her rolled-up yoga mat, she left for the roof of her apartment building.  Compared to the lightbulbs in the lamps and the light in the ceiling fan, the bright, warm sunlight was as fresh as a soak in a […]

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LELO DOT Clitoral Pinpoint Vibrator Reviews

lelo dot vibrator review

Have you ever seen a vibrator like this before? LELO DOT is a new type of pinpoint sex toy that’s design is focused for the very spot that makes women orgasm – the clitoris. It moves in an oscillating figure-eight motion to stimulate beneath the exterior part of the clitoris for deeper, stronger orgasms. LELO DOT REVIEW: SMALL AND MIGHTY “I came really easily with this toy. It didn’t numb me, either, and I was able to continue clitoral stimulation […]

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Plastic Passions: A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Dolls

Sex dolls

Think those busty silicone babes are just for wealthy weirdos without a mistress? Not in this day and age. Sex dolls are picking up a mainstream following with regular couples all over the world. As it turns out, life-sized love toys are the latest ambitious sex toy trend to pop up in everyday bedrooms. From talking sex robots that actually have a computerized orgasm to larger-than-life, pose-able ladies complete with bouncing boobs, love dolls bring a wildly unique type of […]

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Practicing Gratitude Can, In Fact, Improve Your Sex Life!

does vegetarianism affect who you date

Have you ever considered how gratitude impacts your sexual satisfaction and relationship? Gratitude is a common mindfulness practice that focuses on finding good things in life and feeling grateful for them.  What recent research has found is that feeling grateful about things in life not only improves overall happiness levels but can also greatly affect your relationship satisfaction and sex life.  Curious to learn more? Well, let’s dive into the practice of gratitude and how to use it to make […]

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When Mum made me a class celebrity | Brief letters

Sex education | Quarter-zipper, all style | Older slogan wear | Stale pasties | Knight rider

I sympathise with Zoe Williams’s daughter (An old video of me is on the school curriculum! Unfortunately, I am shocked by my own arguments, 7 March). My mother, an eminent and pioneering Cambridge don, gave the first ever sex education lessons in my convent school, in the 1960s, to my class. Heaps of embarrassment – followed by a sudden popularity, as I must have been the fount of all sexual knowledge, surely? Thanks, Mum.
Louise Wallace
Cropredy, Oxfordshire

• Reading about quarter-zippers (Quarter-zipper becomes the new status symbol for men of a certain position, 4 March) at breakfast, I find it hard to believe that mine, moth-eaten in parts and unravelling with old age, is a status symbol. I shall have to reconsider my decision to restrict it to home wear only.
Ron Jacob

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Purity culture is dehumanising – it’s consent that should be at the centre of sex education | Chanel Contos

If we are educating young people for the purpose of safety, our concern should not be if they are having sex but if they are doing so consensually

Many would have been surprised on Monday night when an ABC Four Corners episode reported that for some schools in Australia, their form of sex education included placing a piece of sticky tape on different surfaces around the classroom. An inspection of the tape after the experiment concluded that it had picked up dirt along the way; and it was no longer able to “stick” or “bond” with anything (anyone) any more. The schools have denied teaching misinformation and said they complied with the New South Wales curriculum.

Unfortunately, I was not surprised hearing these allegations as I’ve heard the same before. It would be nice to believe these lessons were limited to the four schools under investigation, but also seriously ignorant.

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Sex is a taboo subject in India. If I can change that I’ll make women’s and LGBTQ+ lives better | Leeza Mangaldas

The education resources I provide will, I hope, lead to greater equality and improved sexual health and rights

‘Are you a doctor, or are you a porn star?” When I first started creating judgment-free sex education content online, I got asked this question almost every day. In India, an ordinary woman talking about sex – knowledgably and without shame – felt unfamiliar, even transgressive, to most people.

Sex remains a taboo topic in India. Victorian social norms and laws, established during British colonial rule, remain central to public attitudes. Homosexuality was only decriminalised in 2018. In 2022, marital rape is still legal. Premarital sex remains frowned upon. And marriage still feels unavoidable, especially for women. Less than 10% of Indian men use condoms, according to recent National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) data, placing the burden of family planning on women.

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Welsh education minister hits out at ‘misinformation’ over LGBTQ+ curriculum

Campaigners are putting teachers under pressure, says Jeremy Miles after verdict in high court challenge

The Welsh education minister has accused campaigners of putting teachers under pressure by deliberately spreading “misinformation” about the teaching of LGBTQ+ issues.

Jeremy Miles also told of how he struggled to find his place in the world as a gay young person, in an era when “someone like me” did not exist as far as the school curriculum was concerned.

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