Practicing Gratitude Can, In Fact, Improve Your Sex Life!

does vegetarianism affect who you date

Have you ever considered how gratitude impacts your sexual satisfaction and relationship? Gratitude is a common mindfulness practice that focuses on finding good things in life and feeling grateful for them.  What recent research has found is that feeling grateful about things in life not only improves overall happiness levels but can also greatly affect your relationship satisfaction and sex life.  Curious to learn more? Well, let’s dive into the practice of gratitude and how to use it to make […]

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Mastering the Art of Tantric Massage

tantric massage guide tips

Enhance your foreplay routine with a deeply spiritual and highly erotic form of massage. That is, a tantric massage.  This sensual act is a meaningful way to connect with your partner, and to share and vibe off of each other’s sexual energies.  And by engaging in this practice, you’ll not only heighten your state of …

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