Yoga On the Roof – An Erotic Story

transform your sex life through yoga

Shelly decided she had to escape.  Days in her small apartment had cramped her body and mind.  She shed her oversized Mickey Mouse T-shirt, shoved her heavy breasts into a sports bra, and pulled stretchy workout pants up her thighs. Grabbing her rolled-up yoga mat, she left for the roof of her apartment building.  Compared to the lightbulbs in the lamps and the light in the ceiling fan, the bright, warm sunlight was as fresh as a soak in a […]

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Longing – An Erotic Story

longing erotic story

Sunlight peaks in around the window ledge, streaming through the shear curtains and warming my hand. I slowly waken, struggling to open my eyes. Something feels different. These are not my sheets, these are not my pillow. As the room comes into focus, details from the previous night come rushing back. I yawn as I …

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Hey, Jealousy – An Erotic Story

hey jealousy erotic story

It was a sweltering day in late May. The humidity in the air was thick and heavy. Sarah had just finished at the gym and was riding her bike home. She passed down Main Street which was congested and busy. All of the coffee shops and bistros were brimming with activity, with many kids now …

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