20 personal and sensual questions you should ask your partner

Questions to ask your partner can be difficult to find. Getting to know each other, when you are a new couple, remains stimulating and embarrassing in the same time. Hundreds of questions must be roaming in your head, but only a few will pass to your lips. Embarrassment meets excitement, the desire to preserve the […]

‘Confusing’ milkshake consent video pulled from campaign that cost Australian government $3.8m

A digital media agency created the sexual education campaign, which included a heavily criticised video showing a woman smearing a milkshake over a man’s face

The federal government spent nearly half the $7.8m it allocated to its “Respect Matters” campaign on a website that included a “bizarre” video that taught sex consent through milkshakes, which has now been removed in response to widespread criticism.

According to the government’s public contract database, the Department of Education paid a digital media agency nearly $3.8m to create the campaign that included the video.

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This is the government’s new video to educate teenagers on consent… and honestly, I think I actually know less about the issue after watching this. What’s going on?

Originally reported by @samanthamaiden

Full video here –https://t.co/hzxSFGWvKq pic.twitter.com/MflbzhDPZP

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Sexual consent education is too important to become a schoolyard joke | Renee Carr

Some of the Australian government’s new educational resources are not just ridiculous, but also confusing and concerning

Drinking milkshakes, eating tacos and getting into shark-infested water – you could be forgiven for not understanding what any of these things have to do with sexual consent.

Yet it’s these topics – dished up as bizarre, evasive metaphors for sex – that feature in the Morrison government’s new “Good Society” consent resources for school students.

Young people are capable of nuanced conversations around these issues; they’ve been calling for clear and accurate information

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