How to Make a Man Cry in the Bedroom

We know what you may be thinking… “Why would I want to make a man cry in the bedroom?”. Well, firstly, we don’t judge! There are many facets to sexuality, and how one experiences arousal and pleasure is not linear nor predictable.  Whether you’re wanting to make a man cry in the bedroom in the […]

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Why We Absolutely Love Comfort Sex!

So often, when we read literature online or self-help books on the topic of sex, we find ourselves talking about experimenting, trying new things in the bedroom, and different way to avoid boredom in between the sheets.  But what if the narrative changed? What if, instead of going for a one night stand or partnering […]

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Sexual Health Q&A with Dr. Zhana

For our January Q&A with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, we’re talking about Sexual Health. How much sex is necessary to keep a balanced, healthy sexual relationship? This is a remarkably common question that I get. There’s no one right answer. How often you and your partner should have sex really depends on how often the two […]

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How to use a vibrator for the first time – Step By Step

How to use a vibrator for the first time   There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with using a vibrator for the first time. Will it feel good? Will I be able to orgam? Will it be too much for me? Here’s some advice to help you feel more comfortable with your first vibrator […]

‘It stopped me having sex for a year’: why Generation Z is turning its back on sex-positive feminism

The movement championed the right to enjoy sex and was supposed to free women from guilt or being shamed. But now many are questioning whether it has left them more vulnerable

Lala likes to think of herself as pretty unshockable. On her popular Instagram account @lalalaletmeexplain, she dishes out anonymous sex and dating advice on everything from orgasms to the etiquette of sending nude pictures. Nor is the 40-year-old sex educator and former social worker (Lala is a pseudonym) shy of sharing her own dating experiences as a single woman.

But even she was perturbed by a recent question, from a woman with a seven-year-old daughter who had caught her new partner watching “stepdaughter” porn involving teenage girls. Was that a red flag?

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