My cheating boyfriend told me he was a sex addict. Was it a disorder – or just an excuse?

When I found out my partner had been lying for years, my whole world shattered. Did calling it an addiction mean I had to forgive him?

The vacuum cleaner is laid out like a snake on the living room floor – an image of domesticity I will come to remember as representing the unravelling of that home. I have always loved this room for its large, south-facing windows that could bring warmth to my face even on the coldest of winter days, but the summer sun today is suffocating. It is one of those mornings when the leaves are perfectly bright and the sky clear light blue. The outside world is beautiful, but mine seems to be breaking apart.

Just moments earlier, I was arguing with my partner about the division of household labour. Frustratingly, I have fallen into a stereotype – vacuuming around him while he’s on his phone. But this morning is different. He asks me to sit with him on the sofa; he wants to tell me something big, something personal. I leave the vacuum cleaner on the floor.

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Sex education overhaul in England based on ‘overblown’ claims, say teachers

DfE proposes age ratings for classes after Tory MP claimed children were given ‘graphic lessons on oral sex’

Plans to overhaul official guidance on sex education in schools are blowing a perceived problem out of all proportion, teachers’ representatives have said.

The Department for Education (DfE) has set out proposals to introduce age ratings designed to prevent teachers covering some subject matter with younger children, as well as other measures, after the prime minister ordered the education secretary, Gillian Keegan, to bring forward a planned review.

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Sex is a taboo subject in India. If I can change that I’ll make women’s and LGBTQ+ lives better | Leeza Mangaldas

The education resources I provide will, I hope, lead to greater equality and improved sexual health and rights

‘Are you a doctor, or are you a porn star?” When I first started creating judgment-free sex education content online, I got asked this question almost every day. In India, an ordinary woman talking about sex – knowledgably and without shame – felt unfamiliar, even transgressive, to most people.

Sex remains a taboo topic in India. Victorian social norms and laws, established during British colonial rule, remain central to public attitudes. Homosexuality was only decriminalised in 2018. In 2022, marital rape is still legal. Premarital sex remains frowned upon. And marriage still feels unavoidable, especially for women. Less than 10% of Indian men use condoms, according to recent National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) data, placing the burden of family planning on women.

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Why We Absolutely Love Comfort Sex!

So often, when we read literature online or self-help books on the topic of sex, we find ourselves talking about experimenting, trying new things in the bedroom, and different way to avoid boredom in between the sheets.  But what if the narrative changed? What if, instead of going for a one night stand or partnering […]

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Sexual Health Q&A with Dr. Zhana

For our January Q&A with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, we’re talking about Sexual Health. How much sex is necessary to keep a balanced, healthy sexual relationship? This is a remarkably common question that I get. There’s no one right answer. How often you and your partner should have sex really depends on how often the two […]

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Disabled Sex: How to Have Great Sex with Limited Mobility

Sex Toys for Seniors

This article was written by Social Psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller. Sex and disability is a topic that is not often discussed. It is rarely—if ever—addressed in sex education courses, and few doctors are comfortable talking about sexual issues with disabled patients.  Part of the reason for this is because disabled persons are often stereotyped as …

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Why the Heck Do Men Have Nipples?

why do men have nipples

It’s a question for the ages, one that scholars and philosophers alike have scratched their heads over. Likely, one day in ancient Greece, even Socrates and Plato himself looked down in the shower and pondered ‘what the hell do I have these things for, anyways?’ Of course, ‘these things’ that he was wondering about are …

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Can You Use a Vibrator While Pregnant?

can you use a vibrator while pregnant

IMPORTANT: Those who may be pregnant, have a pacemaker, diabetes, phlebitis or thrombosis should consult with a medical professional regarding the risk of blood clots before using any personal massage products. Oh hey there mama’s-to-be or friends and family of a soon-to-be mom! Today we’re going to be talking about using a vibrator during pregnancy… …

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Brainsex: Which Bits Do What?

brain sex

A lot of what we have learned about how our brain controls our sex lives comes from research done on animals, typically rodents and small mammals. Although the use of animal models is obviously limited given the significant differences between animal and human sexuality, there is a relationship between the particular brain regions implicated in …

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Sex education: ‘We can’t let teachers perpetuate a homophobic or transphobic narrative’

New guidance will leave many children in England ignorant about consent, forced marriage and LGBTQ+ issues, say young activists

Relationships and sex education (RSE) will be compulsory for all secondary pupils in England from September, and primary schools will also need to teach about relationships. What these courses will contain, however, is left mainly to headteachers and governors, in consultation with parents. The Department for Education has issued guidance for teachers, but does it go far enough?

No, say young sex educators, who want the lessons to go beyond the mechanics of condoms on cucumbers to take fuller account of contentious issues such as consent, LGBTQ+, sex abuse and forced marriage.

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Related: Fear of LGBT-inclusive lessons harks back to 80s, says Peter Tatchell

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