Longing – An Erotic Story

longing erotic story

Sunlight peaks in around the window ledge, streaming through the shear curtains and warming my hand. I slowly waken, struggling to open my eyes. Something feels different. These are not my sheets, these are not my pillow. As the room comes into focus, details from the previous night come rushing back. I yawn as I …

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Deep Throat Beginner’s Guide

deep throat beginners guide

Maybe you’ve seen deep-throating in videos and want to try it for yourself, or perhaps you’re looking to blow a partner’s mind (among other things) with a new trick in your sexual arsenal. No matter what your motivation is for deep-throating, it’s not something you can just jump into—it takes a bit of practice in …

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Hey, Jealousy – An Erotic Story

hey jealousy erotic story

It was a sweltering day in late May. The humidity in the air was thick and heavy. Sarah had just finished at the gym and was riding her bike home. She passed down Main Street which was congested and busy. All of the coffee shops and bistros were brimming with activity, with many kids now …

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Can You Use a Vibrator While Pregnant?

can you use a vibrator while pregnant

IMPORTANT: Those who may be pregnant, have a pacemaker, diabetes, phlebitis or thrombosis should consult with a medical professional regarding the risk of blood clots before using any personal massage products. Oh hey there mama’s-to-be or friends and family of a soon-to-be mom! Today we’re going to be talking about using a vibrator during pregnancy… …

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My First Time Using SILA: Pros & Cons

sila review

Pros: An enjoyably long pleasure session that reaches places I didn’t know possible.  Cons: It’s not silent, but definitely quieter than other clit suckers. Broken down below! If you’re anything like most people with vulvas, once you find what works for you in terms of reaching orgasm, you stick with the routine and practice it …

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Brainsex: Which Bits Do What?

brain sex

A lot of what we have learned about how our brain controls our sex lives comes from research done on animals, typically rodents and small mammals. Although the use of animal models is obviously limited given the significant differences between animal and human sexuality, there is a relationship between the particular brain regions implicated in …

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SORAYA Wave vs. INA Wave: Product Differences and Comparisons

soraya wave vs. ina wave

If you’ve already owned a regular vibrator and are looking to up your game to something more versatile, the SORAYA Wave and INA Wave are LELO’s most popular rabbit vibrators with a special twist! Their unique selling proposition lies in something called wave technology that will have you rolling out orgasm after orgasm. How Wave …

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Get Cuffed Up! Incorporating Handcuffs in Your Sex Life

incorporating handcuffs in your sex life

There’s just something about restraint that’s so damn sexy. It’s a tantalizing proposition; being presented with pleasures right in front of your face, and then being told no. Having to hold back until you’re about to burst with desire, then being set loose. The best way to toy with restraint is by including handcuffs into …

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